West Greenway Bible Church is formally affiliated with the following organizations:

  • West Greenway Bible Church is a member in good standing of the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention (www.azsobaptist.org).
  • Central Association of Southern Baptists (www.azcasb.org). This is an association of all SBC-affiliated churches in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.
  • The Gideons (www.gideons.org): The Gideons have distributed over 1.3 billion Bibles in 180 countries.

In addition, Pastor John maintains affiliations (whether formally or informally) with the following ministries and organizations:

  • The Evangelical Theological Society (www.etsjets.org): The largest group of evangelical Christian scholars in America.
  • GraceLine Ministries (www.graceline.net): Led by Pastor John’s mentor and the co-author of his first book, Dr. Fred Chay, GraceLine is a fantastic resource for scholarly reading and also for application and interaction with our culture today.
  • Arizona Christian University (www.arizonachristian.edu): Pastor John teaches part-time at ACU in the Bible department.
  • Phoenix Seminary (www.ps.edu): Pastor John is a 2006 alumnus of Phoenix Seminary (MDiv, Biblical Communications) as well as a candidate for the Doctor of Ministry and an occasional adjunct professor there.