We value God’s Word, not merely for the sake of gaining knowledge but to transform our lives through the application of biblical truth. (Ezra 7:10; Neh 8:8; Acts 17:11; Col 3:16; 1 Tim 4:12-16; 2 Tim 2:15; 3:16; 4:2; Jas 1:21-22)
We value Christian friendship and accountability. We seek to live in such a way that guests as well as members are encouraged and enabled to make significant friendships and build healthy relationships. (Prov 27:17; Acts 2:42-47)
We value authenticity and transparency in our lives.  We seek to provide an environment where people can be themselves, with all of their struggles and trials, without having to “put on a happy face” for church. (Matt 5:37; Rom 12:15; 1 Thess 5:11)  We seek this while simultaneously seeking a God-honoring view of ourselves and our lives that recognizes that He is bigger than our problems. (Rom 12:1-2)
We value biblical discipleship and personal commitment to reflect the character of God in our lives. We will challenge ourselves to abide in Christ (John 15:4-5; 1 John 2:28), persevere in faith (1 Cor 9:24-27; Heb 12:1-3), and grow to maturity (Rom 8:29; Eph 4:11-16; Col 1:28) in our fellowship with God and in the sacrificial stewardship of our time, talents, treasure, and relationships. (Luke 19:11-27; 1 Cor 4:1-5; 2 Cor 5:10)
We value serving Christ together, and embrace the idea that every member of our congregation is a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 4:10-11) The church is a living body and must have working parts. Every follower of Christ should be involved in a ministry, and at WG there are numerous opportunities for us to put our gifts and abilities to work for Christ. No service for Christ is insignificant; all is valuable. Our desire is for members to be established and thriving in a ministry they are passionate about. (Eph 4:11-14)
We value theological diversity within the confines of evangelical, Bible-believing theology (Eph 4:1-6). While we may hold positions on debatable doctrinal issues (e.g., charismatic gifts, women in ministry, divorce and remarriage, end-times, etc.) we love and appreciate those who do not necessarily share our views. Fellowship should not be avoided in light of these issues. Our union with Christ is the basis for unity with one another within the confines of evangelical Christian orthodoxy. We strive to grant one another biblical freedom in non-essential areas. (Rom 14:1-23)
We value the maxim: “In essentials, unity, in non-essentials, liberty, in all things, charity.”  Every believer is free in Christ (2 Cor 3:17), but we must be careful not to use our freedom to indulge ourselves (Gal 5:13; 1 Pet 2:16). As followers of Christ, we are commanded to be holy in all our behavior (1 Pet 1:14-16) and we value allowing freedom in areas of conscience while pursuing holiness together.
We value family, both spiritual and biological. (Luke 8:21) We believe that the family is the most important spiritual training ground and central focus of growth for most people. (Deut 6:4-9) We value equipping and serving people no matter their biological family structure or situation, and know that God’s heart is to help people function in God’s family first and foremost and that earthly relationships mirror our relationship with God. (Eph 5:22-33)